Word of mouth makes certain porn more popular.

There is a reason that amateur porn is the highest ranked porn on the Internet. People around the world have quickly become tired of the some porn on millions of other websites. Right now as you are reading this there are thousands of amateur sex pics and videos being uploaded from girls all over the world. These girls are not paid actors, they are not preforming based on a script some asshole in California wrote. You will find only real amateur girls such as girlfriends, collage teens, sexy girls in their 20′s that need some more attention and every milf housewives that want to get off with you in front of a camera! Once you actually check out some porn you will realize the time you wasted looking at the same boring shit that everyone looks at.

With all of the technology these days such as IPhone, IPad and small digital camera sometimes girls are in these amateur videos and they don’t even know it. I just saw a post here about a 19 year old guy that wanted to show off his girlfriend’s amazing body and sex skills to his friends, so he wired a small webcam in his room and hid it where she couldn’t see it. Once they hopped into bed and after a massive blowjob, she fucked him like it was the last time she would ever get laid! When it was over, the boyfriend was shocked that one of his buddies re-routed the webcam broadcast to one of his blogs and thousands of guys all over the world had just watched this banging 18 year old girl get her pussy slammed live on a webcam!

That is why porn made by amateurs is the leading type of porn searched. Everyone is catching on to the real action as it happens. Your basic boring porn is shot in a studio, edited all of the tricks and is put on the Internet a month later after they set it up how they want it. With porn a girl can be going out with a guy on their first date tonight and hours later, he live webcam show or hidden cam amateur sex video is going viral on the Internet. By the time she gets home her IPhone is blowing up from friends who just watched her getting her virgin pussy smashed in live on their fucking IPad!

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How to make money in the porn industry in 2014

Almost everyone you know watches porn at on point of another. There is people that will swear up and down that they don’t. For some reason no one likes to admit it. Porn has always been such a secretive this. Its almost like you are in some way inferior if you admit to doing what everyone secretly does. But all that is a bunch of boloney. Just about everyone watched porn! We all like to see others having sex. It a part of being human. If no one really watched porn there wouldn’t be so much money being made. However porn can sometimes lead to some bad behavior. In some cases people have even lost their jobs due to porn related issues.

Those who are producing their own content usually have a very loyal following since there are people who have porn addictions. This can sometimes be a dangerous this for individuals but a really great thing if you happen to be someone selling or making money from porn. There are tons of websites out there that offer tons of free amateur porn like the luv2skeet.com amateur category. Websites such as tubes sites make a small margin from ad revenue. But who doesn’t like free? That is why these types of sites are so popular.

Lots of the old school porn stars that used to make tons of money on their films are just about ready to pull their hair out. If people aren’t paying for their films they are loosing money. Its not very uncommon for porn stars to pay for someone to go on the internet and find their videos. If they happen to be hosted on a free tube site they send out a cease and desist email asking them to take the content down. Most of the time the websites comply. However the small amount of hosts that don’t face so pretty serious lawsuits. There is no way you can win if you are using content that isn’t yours to make money.

There are legal tube sites out there that offer videos which are only a small preview if of the full video. They also offer some of the ad revenue earned from the views. These are the sites we all should be supporting.